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Finding an independent lawyer to advise on your Spanish property purchase.

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Finding the right lawyer to advise on your property purchase.

Buying a property is one of the biggest decisions most of us will make. Buying a property in Spain has extra complications like a different legal system and a foreign language. Here’s a guide to what to bear in mind before choosing a lawyer to act for you.

Find a lawyer in the area you are planning to buy.

Spain is made up of autonomous communities with their own civil law system. Choose a lawyer in the area you plan to buy. A local lawyer will have good existing relationships. (S)he will need to visit the town hall and the notary on your behalf during the purchase process.

The importance of an independent lawyer.

The lawyer you choose will represent you and your best interests. A developer or agent may suggest their lawyer can equally represent both sides. However, if a dispute arises during, or after the purchase, you need to know whose side your legal adviser is on. Sun Lawyers is an independent law firm, registered with the General Council of Spanish Lawyers and insured. The Registration Number is 4952 in the Murcian College.

How to compare different law firms, as well as on price.

  • The quality of the English used on the website.
  • How many years has the law firm been working for?
  • Examples of recent experience and client testimonials.
  • Independent recognition of client service.
  • How quickly was your website or Facebook enquiry responded to?

A full legal service

It may be beneficial to choose lawyers with a range of legal services, rather than just property law. All your ongoing Spanish legal and property affairs can then be dealt with in one place.

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