Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

At Sun Lawyers we can help you with any Civil Litigation dispute.

Civil Litigation refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties seeking financial compensation or a specific performance, rather than criminal sanctions.

Due to the combination of our experience and expertise, civil litigation has become an area of speciality for us at Sun-Lawyers. While no one approaches the litigation process eagerly, certain comfort can be derived from the knowledge that you, as our client, will be working with our highly skilled and experienced legal advisors.

We can help you with any dispute including:

  • Personal Injuries

  • Debt Collection

  • Creditors Rights

  • Charter of Rights of Freedom

  • Wrongful Dismissal

  • Divorce and Family Law


The needs and wishes of our clients are central to the approach with which we take in individual civil litigation cases. The litigation process can be costly and time-consuming and there are times when an early settlement is preferable to exhausting the possibilities of the legal process. Our lawyers are experienced and persuasive negotiators and work energetically at every stage of the litigation process to secure the most appropriate compensation for their clients.

Divorce and Family Law

We advise our clients in the filing of any kind of divorce, separations, maintenance or any other Family proceedings under Spanish Law. We will deal with matters relating to the care and custody of children, visit rules, maintenance provisions, uses of the family home and liquidations. Our lawyers will try and come to consensual agreement but if this fails we will defend our client in a lawsuit.

Call us on (+34) 965 321 193 or fill in the contact form provided.

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