Spanish Taxation

Our Tax Specialists will look after all aspects of your taxation in Spain.

Living in Spain you are obliged to make an annual Personal Income Tax Declaration. Residents and non-residents are both liable to pay taxes on their income and assets. We advise any non-residents that own property in Spain to appoint a fiscal representative, this ensures they are receiving all tax notifications addressed to them.

We offer you, as a client, all the help you need for the processing and the conclusion of your declaration.

Fiscal Representation

  • Tax Specialists

    Our tax specialists at Sun Lawyers will look after all aspects of you taxes in Spain.

  • Application for Tax Number

    Sun Lawyers will apply for a Number of Identification of Foreigners (NIE) for an individual or a Fiscal Number for a business as these numbers will be required to present any tax assessment.

  • Tax assessments

    We inform the client of the tax liabilities in Spain, prepare the annual tax assessments and arrange payment.

  • Fiscal Representation

    We act as fiscal representative of any foreign individual or corporation before the Spanish tax office.

  • Tax Notifications

    We will be the contact person with the tax office, we will receive any notifications or requests on behalf of the client and will then inform the client and advise of the necessary action required.

  • Tax Appeals

    Sun lawyers will also deal with any tax appeals and claims.

Call us on (+34) 965 321 193 or fill in the contact form provided.

What is an NIE Number?

N.I.E. is an abbreviation for Número de Identidad de Extranjero, which translates as: Foreigners’ Identification Number.

The NIE is an all-purpose identification and tax number in Spain. You need an NIE number for any official or legal process in Spain. For example, you will need an NIE number to buy a property, buy a car, get connected to the utilities and to pay your taxes.

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