Criminal Law

Criminal Litigation

At Sun Lawyers, our job is get the best outcome for our clients.

In it’s most basic form, Criminal Litigation is representing in a court of law those accused of committing a crime. The assistance of experienced legal counsel often greatly affects the outcome of cases where criminal litigation charges have been laid. Legal counsel should be retained by any individual charged with a criminal litigation offence and also by the parents or legal guardians of children who have been charged under the Young Offenders legislation.

Sun Lawyers can assist those who have been charged with offences such as:

  • Vehicular Offences

  • Theft and Vandalism

  • Crimes in the Corporate Domain

  • Personal Assault

  • Criminal Negligence

  • Other Serious Offences

Criminal Law

Criminal law is designed to create and maintain order in a society. Criminal law is basically a set of rules that everyone must live by and within or risk being punished. Criminal lawyers are tasked with trying the cases where someone has been accused of breaking the laws of the society.

At Sun-Lawyers, we don´t only provide our clients with quality legal counsel and support, but also with skilled advocacy throughout the legal process.

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