Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

Digital Nomad Visa for Spain

A common question we are asked when we attend shows like A Place in the Sun is: How can I, a British citizen, spend more than 90 days at a time in Spain if I am not yet retired? The short answer, before 23 December 2022 was that you couldn’t. Unless you happen to be married to an EU citizen, go into early-retirement or can find some Irish ancestry!

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa and Permit were launched in December 2022, providing the opportunity for digital nomads to work in Spain for companies located abroad (and their family members access to the Spanish property market). Since its introduction we know far more about the practicalities of the application process and what the authorities will accept as a legitimate application. Sun Lawyers visa and relocation expert Mark McMillan, is supporting clients’ applications for the Digital Nomad Visa.

• If I apply for the DNV and live in Spain and then decide to retire, can I apply for the NLV and can I apply for that whilst being resident in Spain?

As a resident of Spain you will not need to return to the UK for a visa and can apply online in Spain for a non-lucrative permit

If I qualify for the DNV, can my dependents e.g. my wife get a "regular" job in Spain?

Yes, dependants are able to work in Spain once they are accepted with the main DNV applicant.

Can I apply for a DNV if I am a self-employed IT contractor?

Yes you can, but you will need to have been working self-employed for at least three months.

How easy or difficult would it be to change from a Non Lucrative Visa to a Digital Nomad Visa?

Not very easy to switch at all. There is no real provision to swap visas once you have started with one. You would need to move back to the UK for a job for at least three months and then apply as a Digital Nomad provided that you were able to either obtain an A1 (a long delay to obtain) or if self-employed in the UK then to commit to becoming self-employed in Spain once the Digital Nomad Permit is approved.

If you're self employed but your business is based online can you still apply for a nomad visa or do you have to be employed?

If you are self-employed and have one main business clients then you can apply. If not, then maybe after working for three months as an employee you could apply in Spain. But be aware that not all employers want to register in the Spanish Social Security and therefore you will need to ontain an A1 to continue with UK National Insurance (NI) contributions and that can take up to three months to obtain.

Do you have to show you have a certain amount of funds to apply for this visa?

At the time of writing (September 2023) you need to show a set income from your client either via an invoice or salary slip of 2,250€ for the nomad applicant, plus 945€ for the first dependent and a further 315€ per additional dependent. In summary, for a family of four, you would need a monthly income of at least 4,095€.

Explained. Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

Liz Rowlinson from A Place in the Sun joins our relocation expert Mark McMillan to discuss and explain how to make a successful application for the Digital Nomad Visa.

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