Coronavirus travel testing

08 Jan: Arrivals from Spain into the UK will need to prove a negative Coronavirus test

For a couple of months international arrivals into Spain have needed to show a negative Coronavirus test less than 72 hours old. The new variant of the virus appears to have forced the hand of the UK government to do the same. The travel industry had been calling for this development for a long time as an alternative to quarantine. The type of acceptable test has not been specified.   It will mean that all travellers (bar exemptions listed below)…


16 Mar: Spain is currently in a State of Emergency

Spain starts a country-wide period of lockdown which began on Saturday 14 March and will last for a period of at least 15 days. During this period people are permitted to be out only to travel to a supermarket/pharmacy/hospital, travel to work, take out rubbish and take the dog for a short walk. When people do go out, the expectation is to respect the protocols about social distancing and to be out for only the minimum necessary period of time.