WEBINAR: Buying a Spanish property in 2023 – Everything you need to know

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2022 has seen a resurgence in interest about buying a property in Spain. We expect that to continue in 2023 as people decide to follow their dream of a Spanish home and move quickly before the economic tide turns too much.

When you see your forever home in Spain, we want to make sure that you have every chance of securing it. That means being prepared and there are things that you can do now, before you head off on any property viewing trip.

Sun Lawyers has teamed up with A Place in the Sun Currency to present a webinar on what the key preparation elements are. The webinar is aimed at people who know only a little about the house buying process as well as those who will benefit from a refresher ahead of their search next year. You will hear about:

  • The importance of a Power of Attorney
  • NIE numbers and opening a Spanish bank account
  • How appointing a lawyer early is in your best long-term interests
  • What happens when you find the property you want to buy
  • The conveyancing process and how long it takes
  • Hear from a client who has just recently completed their property purchase in Spain
  • What are the costs associated with a property purchase
  • Currency conversion and how to get an optimum rate of exchange

The webinar will be chaired by renowned property journalist Richard Way who himself is the owner of a home in Spain. Richard has also run panel sessions at A Place in the Sun LIVE and is adept at getting the experts to give clear answers to the questions posed by the audience. This webinar is about buying property in Spain not relocating to Spain. While we know the subject of visas and residency is also popular it is too much to cover in this webinar. Finally, we are pleased to offer everybody who attends the webinar a complimentary personal follow-up meeting to discuss specific matters arising.

After attending our webinar you may feel afterward that you are in need of a Spanish property lawyer if so then head over to our property lawyer page.

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