Planning your healthcare in Spain – The S1 form

The S1 Form explained

The S1 Form explained

This article is relevant to anyone receiving the UK State Pension

For people receiving the UK State pension and considering relocating to Spain, Healthcare is their number one concern.

When you move to Spain (as with any other EU country or Switzerland), and you receive a UK State Pension, you may be entitled to Spanish state healthcare, paid for by the UK. If you’re reading this you will no doubt know that the Spanish state healthcare system enjoys an excellent reputation.

Do not assume you will automatically qualify for an S1 certificate, just because you are getting the UK State Pension. Other qualifying criteria do apply and the NHS website is a useful source of information for this detail.

How to obtain an S1 form

You can start the S1 application process up to 90 days before moving to live in Spain. If you are applying in conjunction with a visa application our relocation team will advise as to the timing.  For the S1 to be issued, you need to have an address in Spain. It need not be a permanent address, but you must inform the UK authorities whenever it changes, to ensure confidential information is never sent to an old address.

How to activate the S1 form in Spain

Once when you get to Spain you must register your S1 form at the local INSS office or online at the INSS portal.

The Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social (INSS), (Spanish Social Security office) is the department that records and controls entitlement to state-funded health and welfare care.

Once registered, the INSS will send you your Spanish Social Security number by post. You then take this to your local healthcare centre to complete your registration.

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